Vantage IQ+

Bot to Qualify. Human to Close.

An end-to-end, enterprise-grade chatbot platform that improves lead quality and helps increase sales productivity by up to 40%​.


Intent discovery through natural language processing and machine learning.


Qualification of enquiries against custom intent and business parameters.


Realtime human resource handoff using the tried and tested Vantage platform.

Imagine a platform than can take chat, voice, and in-app actions from a user, and respond automatically by identifying the intent of the user, qualifying the opportunity, and connecting the person with the right resource from your organization seamlessly, in realtime, and at the right time!

That’s the power of Vantage IQ+

The IQ+ Difference.

IQ+ seamlessly integrates to your large distributed sales network.

Chatbots provide a wide array of possibilities for organizations, but facilitating a perfectly seamless hand-off to the right individual, a critical step in the sales process, is often overlooked.

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine user intent. Once we have established intent we qualify against pre determined parameters.

Once qualified, IQ+ uses Lead Assign’s patented intelligent routing technology to find a qualified salesperson from your sales network.

All the while the IQ+ bot is further qualifying the lead by engaging in a sub set of qualification questions.

When a salesperson accepts the opportunity the Bot will initiate a seamless handoff.

Traditional chat models rely on a linear funnel model of standard Q&A to qualify leads – this model is out of date and a detriment to businesses. Industry leading companies will employ AI and natural language processing strategies to best identify and determine the users intent.

A “bot out of the box” will work only for the simplest of businesses.

Your business is complex with engagement and lead qualifying rules that a simple downloaded bot implementation won’t solve.

Forward looking enterprises know that chat is complex and requires an understanding of not only your customer intents, but your lead qualification processes to ensure the Customer-to-Bot-to-Sales is optimized.

Vantage IQ+ doesn’t replace your sales human, we enhance their ability to close. We use natural language processing (NLP) and AI machine learning to uncover user intent.

Our chatbot allows for unscripted communication with a user.  As communication ensues intent and parameters are captured.  When Intent is satisfied by the parameters, and the lead is qualified, we then use Lead Assigns Patented AI lead scoring to take action.

Our approach creates the perfect marriage of technology and human sales processes. 

Every lead is qualified reducing the heavy and expensive lifting by your sales team. 

Every qualified lead is engaged in real time with the best matched sales person.

A perfect mix.

Get Started With Vantage IQ+

Start to finish project services

We help you manage the project scope from start to finish by identifying risks and costs associated with implementing the chatbot during each phase, and ensuring you have the proper level of internal and Lead Assign support services to de-risk your implementation.

Complex qualification processes

Our team has deep experience mapping complex qualification processes in organizations from real estate, to manufacturing, to finance, too retail. Each business is different but key learning and patterns can be leveraged from years of successful Lead Assign implementations to ensure your projects success.

Maximize your ROI

ROI is a key focus for every client. We ensure the fastest time to market and lowest total ownership cost to make sure you obtain an ROI that can be measured in months not years.