Vantage+ Services

Automate your business with
the help of our experts.

Get the right advice and technical assistance to accelerate
your time-to-value with Vantage+

Let us help you create game-changing lead automation strategies across all your lead workflows by truly harnessing the power of Vantage+ experts with our proven methodologies.

That’s the power of Vantage+ Advisory Services.

Advisory Services

Our advisors are here to eliminate risk during implementation

There are two main barriers that stop enterprises from realizing true lead automation and intelligent lead distribution – lack of resources, and lack of expertise.  An inability to effectively understand and automate strong marketing lead sources and ineffective sales teams lead pursuit can singlehandedly decimate a promising organization.  It usually manifests itself in an inability to score lead quality, randomized lead distribution, and ineffective lead pursuit.

That’s why we created Vantage+ Advisory Services.
Our advisory services are designed to support your automation efforts through  strategy and unique understanding of our AI platform.

Different marketing departments have different lead automation challenges and need unique expertise to support their objectives.  One objective for every organization however is to ensure a potential customer is converted to a customer.  With our advisory services we’ll ensure you have 360 degree visibility the necessary data to meet that objective.

Read about our adVantage methodology.

Vantage+ Integration Services

Maximize your current infrastructure investment with our Vantage+ Integration suite to provide seamless integration, improved coordination, and increased efficiency.

Vantage+ Data Services

Using your business intelligence tool of choice, we can assist in developing your newly available KPI’s from your own Vantage+ data source.

Vantage+ Adoption Services

Get your extended sales team up and running and delivering business value faster with our experts.  We’ve assisted companies rollout automation solutions and now the pitfalls and opportunities you can face.  We’ll ensure all stakeholders are aware and ready for every phase of your solution. 

That’s the power of Vantage+

The adVantage+ Methodology

Our adVantage methodolgy is the roadmap for your automation.  Pre-configured automation processes are leveraged to jump-start your initial deployment.  It lays the foundation for continued innovation upgrades and extensions as your programs evolve.

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Enterprise-level Management

We help you manage the automation scope from start to finish by identifying risks and automation opportunities across the range of your different marketing programs and lead sources. We help your team manage each phase and ensure your team and infrastructure are aligned.

Enterprise-level Delivery

Regardless of what type of products or service your enterprise is delivering, we help you deliver an automated lead solution that delivers transparency and leads to better decision-making and program management.

Enterprise-level Monitoring

Putting the solution into production is not a promote and walk away exercise when our Vantage+ advisors are involved.  We ensure the solution is delivering the expected fast time to value that lead you to the Vantage+ solution.  Our built in monitoring tools and automated data services ensure everyone is in the know when live.