Vantage+ Products

The Vantage+ patented A.I. means every lead flow is automated, routed, and actioned in real-time.

It's increased sales at the speed of the cloud.

When you automate your lead programs with Vantage+, you eliminate all blindspots in the journey from marketing generated lead to sales qualified customer. 

Without Vantage+ you’re flying blind.

The Patented Vantage+ AI Stack.

The Vantage+ suite is a SaaS suite that is your top of the funnel lead automation platform. It eliminates blindspots across your marketing, sales, and channel in one AI based platform. 

The Vantage+ suite of products work with your current infrastructure and investment to automate your marketing to sales conversion efforts.

Vantage+ for Hubspot

Vantage+ integrates with Hubspot technology connecting the lead generation software with our lead distribution technology.

Use your existing lead generation tool to connect an opportunity to the right salesperson every time, and without the back-office expense.

Get the detailed product- or service-specific information in your sales agents’ hands.

Vantage+ for Salesforce

Vantage+ integrates with Salesforce technology connecting our lead management data with your CRM tool.

Update your existing CRM without asking your sales team to input data more then once.

Receive useable feedback from your sales agents with your having to ask them!

Vantage+ for Dynamics

Vantage+ integrates with Dynamics technology connecting our lead velocity data to your BI reporting.

Get valuable data to strategize future growth and marketing campaigns.

Bring visibility to your high-performing salespeople.