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Making the connection between sales and marketing

Think sales and marketing are two separate teams? Think again.


Lead Assign continues rapid expansion with enterprise-focus offering

The proven and patented AI technology that automates your enterprise lead workflow.


Lead Assign extends leadership, issued first U.S. Patent.

Patent covers automating, intelligent routing, and distributing marketing-based leads to sales teams and partners in real time.


The unexpected value of a chatbot platform

“Hi! I’m a bot that was created to help you.” This statement also applies to product development.


Opportunity routing driven by real-time data in three steps

Knock, knock? Who’s there? Anyone! What do they need? Anything! Who will answer…? Not your salespeople. They don’t have the time.

Now More Than Ever
Now More Than Ever

You need to ensure your lead flow is automated to reduce costs.

With a sudden change to your incoming cashflow, your expenses need to be revisited.