Established in 2014

Lead Assign’s research and development team created the top performing lead management technology that is primarily focused on solving the increasingly complex rules required to effectively match business opportunities to the best-suited salesperson.

It allows marketing executives to analyze lead generation strategies and divert cash to the best lead sources based on sales feedback. It allows sales managers to ensure every lead is acted on in the least amount of time, streamlining the sales process. It allows channel leaders to make informed decisions. 

Vantage+ by Lead Assign

Vantage+ by Lead Assign is unique in its data, integration, and professional services supporting large corporations.

The team has the capability to integrate the Vantage+ platform into existing enterprise systems to intelligently route and connect leads, capture conversion data, and provide insight for every lead regardless of its source.

The team professionally implements the solution specific to business needs through integration with existing platforms on a per-account basis.

The results include useable business intelligence to identify gaps and eliminate inefficiencies in the lead workflow and sales process.

Vantage+ by Lead Assign is the leader in intelligent enterprise lead management.

Patented Technology

Enterprise companies use the Lead Assign patented technology to automate getting the right lead in the right salesperson’s hands in real time. Vantage+ makes sure you have the best opportunity to properly engage with a lead helping to close that sale.

The Lead Assign technology is used by Royal Lepage, First Team Realty, Thomson Reuters, Widex, Keller Williams Realty and others.

The Vantage+ service is a horizontal solution deployed in the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Automotive, Data Provisioning, and Marketing industries.