van·​tage | \ ˈvan-tij  \
a position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective, or comprehensive view

Patented A.I. that automates your lead workflow.

vantage+ for Marketers – Understand which marketing channels perform best.
vantage+ for Salespeople – Increase deal velocity and close more business.
vantage+ for Channel Leaders – Know your best sales partners and give them more opportunities.

Now More Than Ever.

You need to ensure your lead flow is automated to reduce costs.
Now More Than Ever
Now More Than Ever

You need to ensure your lead flow is automated to reduce costs.

With a sudden change to your incoming cashflow, your expenses need to be revisited.

Now More Than Ever
Now More Than Ever

You need flexible growth models for your teams.

Vantage+ can provide you with a level of cost control and flexibility for workflow automation that can help you control costs and grow.

Now More Than Ever
Now More Than Ever

Your prospects are the lifeblood of your company.

You need to get them in the right hands to close.

What is Vantage+?

Vantage+ is your top of the funnel lead automation platform. It eliminates blindspots across your marketing, sales, and channel teams in one A.I.-based platform. 

The Vantage+ suite of products work with your current infrastructure and investments to automate your marketing-to-sales conversion efforts.

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Vantage+ Automates Lead Flows for Top Companies Globally.

Global Lead Management

Delivering leads globally and natively in
English, Français, Español, Deutsche,
日本語, 한국어, Melayu, Português, ไทย, Tiếng Việt, 简体中文, 中國傳統的

Why Do Large Enterprises Choose Vantage+?

Our clients achieve 77% increase in lead acceptance within the first month.

Fast Time to Value.

Vantage+ integrates easily with all your marketing channels without disruption. It has no applications that your sales teams need to provision. It simply ensures intelligent lead routing for higher conversion rates and increased revenue – in weeks.

Enterprise Grade Services.

Comprehensive onboarding and professional services ensure a successful rollout, including flexible integration services to existing systems, and advanced data services for 360-degree visibility of your lead automation journey.

Patented A.I. Technology.

Vantage+ uses A.I. to ensure marketers can double down on successful channels while sales teams can increase deal velocity. We provide all the tools and services you need for attribution of effective campaigns and higher close rates.

Lead Visibility
Increased Lead Velocity
Lead Pursuit Feedback

Automate More, Worry Less.

The Vantage+ Platform

It uses A.I. to score leads from any source.  It uses proprietary A.I. to match the lead with the best-suited sales members.  It uses A.I. to score your top sales outcomes by members.  So it really acts as a flywheel for your marketing programs and continues to get better over time. 

There are no apps to download. No login required, no barriers at all – just increased revenue from your marketing programs. It’s all patented for you to take adVantage of. 

Understand More, Chase Less.

Vantage+ Data Services

Vantage+ Data Services provides your organization with the complete real-time view of every prospect and the pursuit by your team.  Want to know your lead velocity? No problem.  Your MQL to SQL? No problem. Your average cycle from suspect to prospect to close? No problem. 

All with the help of Vantage+ Data Services and the business intelligence tool of your choosing.

Connect More, Remedy Less.

Vantage+ Integration Services

Vantage+ Integration Services ensures your source systems get the updates they need to as part of your marketing-to-sales visibility journey.  We have packaged integrations for marketing campaign systems, such as  Hubspot and Facebook, and for sales CRM systems, such as Salesforce, netSuite, Pipedrive, and Dynamics.

Keep and enhance your existing assets with Vantage+ Integration Services.